Professors offered $500 for Integrating Sustainability in your Curriculum via the Chesapeake Project

The Office of Sustainability is offering professors $500 to integrate the Chesapeake Project in to their curriculum.

The Chesapeake Project is a two-day workshop designed to encourage UMD faculty to integrate sustainability across all academic disciplines.  Over the past two years,

71 professors have participated in the project and integrated assignments, discussions, or an overarching theme of sustainability into 81 courses in all 12 colleges.

Participants learn about core concepts of environmental, economic, and social sustainability from resource experts who help the participants find connections between sustainability and their existing course content.  This integration across the disciplines helps students think critically about their local environment, fosters interdisciplinary learning and problem solving, and prepares students to find solutions to complex 21st century problems.  The project addresses the University’s goal to educate all students about sustainability.