Murtugudde featured in article on erratic weather and student health

ESSIC/AOSC Professor Raghu Murtugudde was featured in a story by the University of Maryland campus publication “The Diamondback,” regarding the changing climate and how it affects overall student health.

New research is suggesting that climate change and erratic weather conditions could have a part in this season’s earlier flu outbreaks, as well as influencing other health related concerns.

Murtugudde noted that the changing climate can effect the traditional start of the allergy season, which would impact when suffers begin their yearly medication maintenance cycles.

Murtugudde also stated that global warming plays a part in the fluctuating temperatures and weather patterns we’ve experienced this season and that students should prepare day-to-day.

“Students need to actually look at the weather forecast to determine how they should get dressed,” he said. “They must keep in mind that it isn’t summer yet; we still have a lot of cold days to come.”

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