Murtugudde Featured in The Hindu

ESSIC/AOSC Professor Raghu Murtugudde was featured in the online publication “The Hindu” for his presentation at the Jawaharlal Nehru National College of Engineering in the city of Shimoga, Karnataka, India.

Murtugudde delivered a talk on ‘Big history: from bigbang to the cooperative species’ which focused on a variety of climate-related topics including the consumption of natural resources, as well as humanity’s effect on global warming.

“The earth and human life have co-evolved, with human life playing a significant role in determining earth’s climate, and climate change had its crucial impact on evolution of human species,” Murtugudde said.

Speaking to students, Murtugudde said he encourages youth to take a leadership role in tackling climate change during the coming years.  He acknowledged that, while climate change is an inevitable phenomenon, the rate at which it is occurring is a cause of concern.

Murtugudde was also featured in recent reports by AlJazeera news, India today, and the University of Maryland’s newspaper the Diamondback.  He was recently published in Fundamatics.