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The major research thrusts of ESSIC are studies of Climate Variability and Change, Atmospheric Composition and Processes, the Global Carbon Cycle (including Terrestrial and Marine Ecosystems/Land Use/Cover Change), and the Global Water Cycle. The manner in which this research is accomplished is via analyses of in situ and remotely sensed observations coupled with ocean-atmosphere-land models. Together this provides a foundation for understanding and forecasting changes in the global environment and regional implications. Data assimilation and regional down-scaling provide the means by which the observations and models are linked to study the interactions between the physical climate system and biogeochemical cycles from global to regional.

Research Themes

Atmospheric Composition and Processes

The interrelationships of changes in atmospheric composition, climate, ozone-layer depletion, and surface-level chemical and radiative exposure.
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Climate Variability and Change

The physical processes responsible for climate variability and predictability on seasonal, interannual, decadal, and centennial time scales.
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The Global Carbon Cycle

The global carbon cycle, including the role and variability of terrestrial and marine ecosystems, land use, and land cover.
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The Global Water Cycle

The global water cycle, including precipitation, evaporation, storage and transport, on time scales from weeks to centuries.
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