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ESSIC Affinity Group

Aerosol, Cloud Physics, and Radiation

The A/CP/R Affinity Group aims to bring together from time to time members of ESSIC and partners interested in the group’s areas of research to foster better communications and collaborative efforts between them. Since 2016, this Affinity Group has met five times in the form of daylong workshops offering stimulating talks given by members of the Affinity Group (and their students), collaborators from NASA and NOAA, and on occasion, prestigious invited guests. These guests have included V. “Ram” Ramaswamy (Princeton University) and Prof. Daniel Rosenfeld (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel), Prof. Renyi Zhang of Texas A&M, Prof. X. Dong of University of Arizona, among others. These meetings are great opportunities for students, group members, and invited guests to mingle and learn more about each other’s research, encouraging collaboration and networking.

Affinity Group Chair

Zhanqing Li

Distinguished University Professor

Research Interests: 

Aerosol, cloud, radiation, precipitation, climate and remote sensing.

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