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Hydrology and Land Surface Processes

The Hydrology and Land Surface Processes affinity group studies the components of the water cycle that take place on and within the Earth’s terrestrial surface focusing on the following goals.

    • Quantification of volumes of water in storage and flux.
    • The mechanisms that control water movement, flooding, storage on land and in surface waters.
    • Water quality and the communities affected.
    • The impacts of human activity on the water cycle.
    • Trends and analysis of water cycle in relation to land use change, extreme weather and a changing climate

Affinity Group Chair

Michael Maddox

Faculty Specialist

Research Interests: 

Surface Hydrology and Drainage Basin dynamics to include the causes and effects on the ecosystem, water quality and water quantity due to agriculture, the effects of extreme weather and climate variability on the built environment; specifically flood inundation detection and risk and climate risk to the global supply chain.

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