Rudlosky and Folmer present to Senior Officials at NOAA Science Days

ESSIC Research Associate Michael Folmer and Visiting Assistant Research Scientist Scott Rudlosky, recently presented at the NOAA Science Days Briefing in Silver Spring, Maryland.

NOAA Science Days was created as a vehicle to highlight recent NOAA work and to inform senior NOAA leadership of happenings in the agency.

The pair presented talks on two exciting new instruments that will be housed on the future GOES-R satellite.

Folmer’s presentation described the Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI), while Rudlosky’s focused on the Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM).  (Rudlosky also presented to a smaller group of NOAA leaders at the Herbert Hoover Building in downtown Washington, D.C.)

The talks were designed to generate enthusiasm and excitement about the innovative tools and techniques made possible by the GOES-R satellite.