Rudlosky Engages Students at NOAA-CREST Seminar

ESSIC Visiting Assistant Research Scientist Dr. Scott Rudlosky, a Physical Scientist for NOAA’s Satellite Climate Studies Branch (co-located at the UMD Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites – CICS-MD), held a seminar on on Lightning Observations and Applications at Various Scales at the Cooperative Remote Sensing Science and Technology Center (CREST), a multidisciplinary center led by the City College of the City University of New York.

In his discussion, Rudlosky reassured students that jobs in their field would be readily available when they graduate, specifically at the National Weather Service.  He then sat down after his seminar and held a more intimate talk, close-up with students as he gave advice on landing and securing positions in their field.

His key word: enthusiasm.  Rudlosky is a firm believer that expressing the desire to work at a specific company or position, along with the right credentials, will help set a student apart from the others.  He also discussed his experiences and research as a scientist for NOAA.

Rudlosky wrapped up his talk at CREST by stressing the importance of networking with potential employers, as well as learning at least one programming language.  The talk was the first of a handful of seminars CREST is planning on hosting for its students at the university’s campus.

(Further Information: See NOAA-CREST Center press release on the Rudlosky seminar below.)

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