Salawitch co-authors new book on the Paris Climate Agreement

ESSIC Professor Ross Salawitch is a co-author of a new book which comprehensively examines the viability of the December 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, via an empirical climate model developed by University of Maryland (UMD) researchers.   In the book titled Paris Climate Agreement: Beacon of Hope, the researchers study the effects of the member nation’s greenhouse gas reduction pledges, as a means of controlling global warming.  Through the analysis of their model’s output, the researchers conclude that limiting warming to a 2 degree Celsius rise above pre-industrial temperatures is an obtainable goal, but will require strict adherence to member nation’s pledges through 2060.  Similarly, half of the world’s global energy must also come from renewable sources by 2060 for the temperature limitation goal to be realized.  Salawitch also has professorial appointments in the UMD departments of atmospheric and oceanic sciences and chemistry. The book was published by Springer Climate in January 2017.

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