Salawitch collaboration leads to pub in Nature Communications

Congratulations to Ross Salawitch (AOSC / CHEM / ESSIC) and his graduate students Daniel Anderson (AOSC) and Julie Nicely (CHEM), along with AOSC's Russell Dickerson and Timothy Canty, whose research paper, “A pervasive role for biomass burning in tropical high ozone/low water structures,” was recently published in the journal Nature Communications.

Based on observations from two aircraft missions, satellite data and a variety of models, the researchers showed that fires burning in tropical Africa and Southeast Asia caused pockets of high ozone and low water in the lower atmosphere above Guam—a remote island in the Pacific Ocean 1,700 miles east of Taiwan.

The study indicates that “biomass burning” may play larger role in climate change than previously realized. The international research team also included partners and funding from the U.K. and the U.S., including NASA, NOAA, NSF, UCAR/NCAR.

Source: Abby Robinson, UMD CMNS  Director of Communications

For further infomation, see CMNS web feaure: "Fires Burning in Africa and Asia Cause High Ozone in Tropical Pacific