Shen published in IEEE Computing in Science and Engineering

Dr. Bo-Wen Shen, ESSIC Associate Research Scientist and Principal Investigator of the NASA AIST CAMVis Project, was published in the March-April 2013 issue of Computing in Science and Engineering (vol. 15, no. 2).   The paper titled “Advanced Visualizations of Scale Interactions of Tropical Cyclone Formation and Tropical Waves,” discusses Shen’s hurricane prediction research, which bundles multi-scale modeling, supercomputing and visualization.

Formally known as the Coupled NASA Advanced Global Multiscale Modeling and Concurrent Visualization System (CAMVis), the package seeks to overcome the major issues of traditional numerical models in tropical cyclone (TC) research, through a process which directly passes data from running simulations to graphic processors.

The process can visualize many different quantities “live” during an active simulation, which can also be captured for replay or distribution.