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Suspended matter concentration and light attenuation are two satellite water quality products that could be used in combination with other types of data for monitoring water quality improvements and in assessments to determine attainment of water quality standards in Chesapeake Bay. EPA is leading the Chesapeake Bay Program partnership to restore the health of Chesapeake Bay.

Ron Vogel Advises Chesapeake Bay Program

Ron Vogel, ESSIC/CISESS Senior Faculty Specialist, served as a subject matter expert at a scientific advisory panel of the Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP), the EPA-led partnership to restore a healthy Chesapeake Bay. The panel sought to advance the CBP’s current water quality data monitoring program to include new technologies such as satellites to improve its water quality assessments. Vogel outlined the current state of the science of satellite data products available for water quality analysis, including surface water light attenuation and suspended matter concentration.

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