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Figure: Annual lightning fatalities and injuries from 2003 to 2018 reported in the Yearbooks of Meteorological Hazards in China. Black and blue curves represent the annual fatalities and injuries, respectively.

Daile Zhang Speaks at the International Conference on Lightning Protection

ESSIC/CISESS Scientist Daile Zhang is a coauthor of a presentation that was given at the 36th International Conference on Lightning Protection in Cape Town, South Africa during October 2-7, 2022. She has published a conference paper, which was presented by the co-author Ron Holle, a former meteorologist for Vaisala as well as NOAA. The paper is titled “The Epidemiology of Lightning in Mainland China – A Review of Two Datasets from the 1950s to 2018.”

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The researchers smile in front of a plane

UMD, ESSIC Researchers Find Evidence of New CFC Production

In 1986, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), chemical compounds known to break down ozone in the atmosphere, were banned by the Montreal Protocol. This led to an immediate rapid decline in emissions. However, recent studies have shown that CFC-11 emissions have increased, suggesting a contribution from eastern Asia.

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