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Figure: Field experiments with the RHG-BRDF system over grass, soil and sand scenes and its calibration with a reflectance reference board.

CISESS Seed Grant Project Develops a Robotic RHG-BRDF Measurement System

During its one-year funding period, this CISESS Seed Grant project expanded the work of the student-oriented CISESS Remote Sensing Laboratory by building equipment for post-launch radiometric validation using in situ measurements of reflective solar band calibration. ESSIC/CISESS Scientist Xi Shao, along with Sirish Uprety, Tung-Chang Liu, and Xin Jin, developed a Robotic Hyperspectral Ground Bi-directional Reflectance Distribution Function (RHG-BRDF) measurement system. Once built, they worked with three undergraduate students to perform field hyperspectral measurements of different ground targets. The student also developed python modules for converting measurements to hyperseptral reflectance, data visualization and analysis.

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