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Caption: A class group project presentation slide: Seasonal shifts in U.S. east coast dusky sharks in response to water temperature, 2017-2018, based on tagged shark data from Smithsonian/SERC and satellite sea surface temperature (SST) from NOAA/STAR Coral Reef Watch. Class group project by Roxann Cormier (Univ Mass) and Matthew Larsen (Univ Central FL) for NOAA CoastWatch satellite training Fish-Telemetry Class.

Vogel and Abecassis Teach Class for Fisheries Research Community

Ron Vogel, ESSIC/CISESS Senior Faculty Specialist, and Melanie Abecassis, ESSIC/CISESS Assistant Research Scientist, designed and taught a specially tailored NOAA CoastWatch satellite training class for the fisheries research community. The fishery researchers use tagged fish to understand population dynamics and ecosystem change; however, use of satellite data in this research is still somewhat limited. In order to fill this gap, the class featured satellite parameters that are underutilized in this research but have been identified by the fisheries community as an area for research growth, such as satellite-derived seascapes, geostrophic currents, sea surface height anomaly and salinity.

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