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Kimberly Slinski. Image credit: Kimberly Slinski/Adam Wood/Faye Levine/University of Maryland. Effects by Nuwan Paditha (Click image to download hi-res version)

Predicting Droughts from Space

Kimberly Slinski can’t stop droughts from happening, but she can see them coming. Her warnings help entire regions of the world prepare for water shortages, crop failures and food insecurities that follow severe droughts. As an assistant research scientist in the Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center, Slinski uses satellite data to monitor water availability in drought-prone regions around the world.

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Graphic abstract, all text is in the abstract

Improving Flood and Drought Management in Agricultural River Basins

ESSIC Post-doctoral Associate Natthachet Tangdamrongsub is a co-author on a new study in Water Policy that aims at the solutions to mitigate flood and drought damage to agriculture. For this international paper, Tangdamrongsub worked alongside researchers from the Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi in Thailand and the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education in the Netherlands.

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The figure above shows the percentage of months under moderate to extreme drought conditions during the crops’ critical growing months from January 1979 to December 2018. The

Drought Characteristics in Argentina

CISESS Deputy Director E. Hugo Berbery has a new article published on May 17th in the journal Hydrology and Earth System Sciences titled “Characteristics of droughts in Argentina’s Core Crop Region”.

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