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Figure: A rosette of Niskin (seawater sampling) bottles used to collect discrete water samples at specific, predetermined depths. Instruments for measuring depth, temperature, and conductivity (which helps determine salinity) are inside of the ring near the bottom (not visible). (Photo provided to Jiang et al. by Sabine Mecking of the University of Washington for the publication).

Jiang Leads International Effort to Create New Data Standard for Oceanographic Research

ESSIC/CISESS Scientist Li-Qing Jiang, who works on the Ocean Carbon Acidification Data System (OCADS) project at the National Center for Environmental Information (NCEI), coordinated a massive effort by the international community to develop a best practice data standard for discrete bottle-based chemical oceanographic data. The study, co-authored by ESSIC/CISESS Scientist Alex Kozyr and esteemed scientists at over 30 institutions in 10 countries, was published on January 21st in Frontiers in Marine Science.

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