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Top row: Neil M. Donahue, Dalia Kirschbaum, Juan Lora Bottom row: Tracey Holloway, Claudia Tebaldi, Ines Azevedo

Welcome to the Spring 2024 ESSIC Seminar Series!

Welcome to the Spring 2024 semester! We are pleased to announce the return of ESSIC’s Seminar Series. We have a wonderful lineup of senior and junior scientists who are prepared to deliver some compelling presentations about their work and research both in-person and remotely.

Some of our speaker highlights include Dalia Kirschbaum, Director of the Earth Science Division of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Neil M. Donahue, Director of Carnegie Mellon’s Steinbrenner Institute as well as professor and AGU Fellow; Claudia Tebaldi, scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Joint Global Change Research Institute and AGU Fellow; Ines Azevedo, associate professor at Stanford; Tracey Holloway, professor at UW–Madison and member of National Academy of Medicine; and Juan Lora, assistant professor at Yale.

Please click “Read more” for our full lineup and to add these events to your calendar now!

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