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Figure: Total transmittance from surface to satellite (black line). The red line is the accumulated CRTM radiance Jacobian to ozone profile. Symbol “c” is the position at 331 nm used to estimate surface reflectance. The symbol “o” are the two channels, that we propose, to estimate the surface reflectance. The surface reflectance for other channels is either interpolated or extrapolated from the two reflectance at 347.6 nm and 371.8 nm.

UV Surface Reflectance from OMPS Nadir Mapper (NM) Radiance—Simulation and Assimilation

ESSIC/CISESS scientists Christopher Grassotti and Xingming Liang are co-authors in a recently published study that documents the first ultraviolet radiance assimilation for atmospheric ozone in the troposphere and stratosphere. The paper, titled “Experimental OMPS Radiance Assimilation through One-Dimensional Variational Analysis for Total Column Ozone in the Atmosphere”, was published in Remote Sensing and includes co-authors from the NOAA/NESDIS Center for Satellite Applications and Research.

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