VIDEO: Are Cyclones More Frequent & Intense Now?

Raghu sits with the interviewer for a Zoom interview

ESSIC/AOSC Professor Raghu Murtugudde is featured in a new interview in OneIndia about the frequency and intensity of cyclones, particularly over the Indian Ocean. 


“We tend to focus on the Indian Ocean, but cyclones are a global phenomenon,” said Murtugudde, “The total number of cyclones over the whole world haven’t necessarily shown an increase, but what is happening is that the intense ones are becoming more frequent. The Indian Ocean is consistent with that global trend.” 


In addition to his work at ESSIC, Murtugudde is an Affiliate Professor for the Department of Geology currently serving as a Visiting Professor in Bombay, India.  He works primarily in climate studies, exploring the co-evolution of life and climate and what it means for sustainability. 


To access the full video, click here: “Are cyclones more frequent & intense now | Explained by Prof Murtugudde”.