Vogel’s Water Quality Research Results Presented to Maryland State Legislature

Recently, satellite water quality research results from Ron Vogel, ESSIC / CICS Senior Faculty Specialist, were presented to the Maryland State Legislature’s House Subcommittee on the Environment and Transportation.  The House Subcommittee has been preparing to write legislation on designating oyster sanctuaries and asked NOAA’s Chesapeake Bay Office (NCBO) to brief the Subcommittee on NOAA’s and UMD’s research and monitoring results on the benefits of oyster restoration activities.

Vogel’s results showed a correlation between locations of intensive oyster restoration projects and locations where multi-year trends in satellite water clarity showed improvement.  Though no causation was established, the results provide motivation toward further research and continued measures to improve water quality in Chesapeake Bay.

In his research, Vogel applies earth-observation satellite data to environmental decision-making.  He currently develops decision-support tools for water quality, fisheries and climate change in coastal areas.  Other interests include ecological modeling with satellite data and vegetation and land surface monitoring by satellite.  He has expertise in both visible and infrared satellite remote sensing.

Read the NCBO web article here: Oyster Restoration and Water Clarity.