Wellness and Sustainability Tips: 7/06/12

Wellness and Sustainability Tips: 7/06/12

By: Lauren McLendon


Wellness and Sustainability Tips are selected from the UMD “FYI” Listserv system. The “FYI” Listserv provides general announcements and information on programs of particular interest to the faculty and staff of the University of Maryland.

I. Wellness

  • Have a healthier cookout


“For many people, the summer means grilling season. It’s a time to get out of the kitchen, and exchange pots and pans for the fun of cooking outdoors. Make sure you keep your summer grilling healthy and safe by cleaning the grill before and after each use, being wise about fire safety, keeping your food securely stored and insulated, and washing your hands. Try to spice up the old hot dog/ hamburger routine by putting more vegetables and lean meats on the grill. For more tips on eating healthy at the picnic table, visit http://ter.ps/healthyjuly4. A July 4th barbeque is an American tradition, and being healthy is patriotic!”



II. Sustainability

  • Become a Project Green Challenge 2012 Team Leader

“Hosted by Teens Turning Green, this 30-day challenge mobilizes college students to learn about simple, fun and high impact actions toward a sustainable lifestyle. Two to four representatives per campus are invited to join the core outreach team to raise awareness and gather sign-ups. Schools with the highest student involvement by September 1 can host a Project Green Challenge-sponsored breakfast or Green Spa on campus. Find out more at www.projectgreenchallenge.com”