Wellness and Sustainability Tips: 7/27/12

Wellness and Sustainability Tips: 7/27/12

By: Lauren McLendon

Wellness and Sustainability Tips are selected from the UMD “FYI” Listserv system. The “FYI” Listserv provides general announcements and information on programs of particular interest to the faculty and staff of the University of Maryland.

I. Wellness

  • Go for a dip

“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, water-based exercise has a multitude of benefits for mental health, such as decreasing depression and helping to improve mood. Water-based exercise can also be a low-impact way to stay fit, spend time with friends and family, and cool down on a warm summer day. There are many pools and lakes in the area, so choose your favorite and go for a dip! Remember to swim safely — ensure a lifeguard is on duty and pay attention to posted signs.”

  • Be Mindful

“Every day, we make choices to focus on either the negative or positive aspects of our lives. Try to be more conscious of these decisions as you make them, and interrupt your negative thoughts by replacing them with positive ones. Remember that thoughts become words, which become actions, which become habits. Break the habit of negative thinking by focusing on the positive, and you might find yourself to be happier and more emotionally well.

II. Sustainability

  • Stay cool and save some green

“Summertime in Maryland should be called Air Conditioning Season. To save electricity and cut down your bill, set your thermostat five to ten degrees higher during the day when you are at work and your house is empty. If your thermostat does not have this capability, simply turn it up on your way out of the house and back down when you arrive home. The air conditioning has to work hardest during the daytime when it is hottest out, so this will help to trim down your electricity bill and save energy.