Wild Presents on Climate Data Record in Geneva, Switzerland

Last month, ESSIC / CICS-MD Senior Faculty Specialist Jeannette Wild presented at the Second Long-Term Ozone Trends and Their Uncertainties in the Stratosphere (LOTUS) Workshop as well as the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change (NDACC) Steering Committee Meeting at the WMO in Geneva, Switzerland.

The LOTUS presentation, entitled “Extending the NOAA SBUV(/2) Ozone Profile Record”, focused on the nearly 40-year ozone Climate Data Record (CDR) – one of several satellite CDRs used in the LOTUS study clarifying methods in trend analysis and the uncertainty budget of stratospheric ozone decline and recovery.

The NDACC Steering committee meets annually overseeing the international network of globally-placed high quality ground-based instruments that measure atmospheric temperatures, trace gases and UV radiation.  These provide knowledge of stratospheric, tropospheric and mesospheric trends, processes, chemical composition and foundations for validation of satellites and exploration of theoretical models.

At ESSIC, Wild administers the NDACC database and website and investigates stratospheric ozone and temperature changes with emphasis on the detection and characterization of ozone recovery.

To learn more about NDACC, click here.  To learn more about LOTUS, click here.