World Bank water scarcity report references UMD-based research

A recently published study by the World Bank reports that climate-driven water scarcity could impact the economic growth of many regions by as much as 6 percent.  The report entitled,” High and Dry: Climate Change, Water and the Economy,” was written by a team led by the World Bank’s Lead Economist, Richard Damania.  The authors acknowledge that the report drew on the background papers and research of a World Bank-funded University of Maryland-centric collaborative group, which included researchers and students from the department of Geography, the Joint Global Change Research Institute (JGCRI), as well as Professor Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm, a hydrologist from the Earth System Sciences Interdisciplinary Center (ESSIC) and department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

Miralles-Wilhelm noted that the collaboration illustrated how talents and capabilities across different UMD units can be pooled to produce internationally visible results, particularly within the highly important area of environmental security.