Zhang Publishes Book on Arizona Lightning

The cover of "Flashes of Brilliance"

ESSIC/CISESS Scientist Daile Zhang has published a new book titled Flashes of Brilliance: The Science and Wonder of Arizona Lightning with Springer. 


The book, which Zhang co-authored with Ronald L. Holle from the Holle Meteorology and Photography in Tucson, Arizona, covers a variety of topics including history, meteorology, physics, instrumentation, photography, and safety awareness. Though the book mostly focuses on Arizona lightning, the lightning phenomenons covered in the book are relevant all over the world. The book also includes a review of how globally important the invention of real-time lightning detection has changed an entire scientific discipline.


Zhang’s work at ESSIC focuses on evaluating and assessing space-based lightning sensors such as the GLM. She is a part of the ESSIC/CISESS Geostationary Lightning Team, which also includes Scott Rudlosky, Guangyang Fang, and Joseph Patton.


To access this book, click here: “Flashes of Brilliance: The Science and Wonder of Arizona Lightning”.